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We are looking for original content that will help our website to grow and present different voices and perspectives.

Our blog offers factual details, announcements, multimedia updates to the world and news from around the hemisphere of social media.

Create your recognized profile

On flamingtruth, you can create your recognized profile. So, everybody directly approaches you and hire you for their projects if they liked your work. You've found the right platform for key-in your valuable thoughts and reaching out to a larger public base.

You will raise both the profile of your business and your brand by sharing your experience with our group by becoming a guest blogger. We are always looking for writers who want to get published and recognized.

Here are some advantages of working with us:

Reach a larger audience:

Contributing your work to our websites would mean that more people will see your work. People will read your article and if the topic is strongly associated with what you're doing, people would come back to your website for more (often directly).

Generate referral content traffic:

Quality posts that 1000s of people see and read would possibly produce a lot of content, targeted referral traffic. You know where this could lead. Yes, more sales and more publicity.

Long-lasting relationship building:

If you are likely to post several articles on our blog, this, in exchange, will expand the blog owner’s relationship and could lead to more collaboration.

Inbound links (backlinks):

You can also get a strong, high-quality backlink from your bio profile. We'll allow you to add a link that generally appears at the bottom of each post.

What are the qualities of a good article?

1. It is written as someone familiar with the subject.

2. The post’s concept and structure are simple.

3. Is written for one (or multiple) audiences.

4. Visuals help and are well-created to the message.

5. Supported by evidence and pointing to good news and opportunities.

6. Is written engagingly.

Remember these when you write for us

You may apply for consideration an original article that is not already published somewhere else, with content based on your personal experiences and/or professional knowledge, including on your website, and we will review the post then it will be published it if is approved. We will own copyrights by submitting your post to us and we can modify if we feel there is a need. Make sure that your article submission should have these:

• Has a thesis and provides a reasonable approach — not only a list of tricks and tips.

• Divide the material into a set of five parts (headings) including the introduction and conclusions.

• Make motivational content

• Article should fit in with blog theme


We approve content relating to the categories listed below.

• Creative writing

• Current Affairs

• Beauty & Fashion

• Finance and Business

• Games

• Health & Fitness

• KIDS Corner

• Pets

• Politics

• Sports

• Technology

• Tourism

• Weather

• Lifestyle

• Travel

The Dos and Don’ts of guest blogging

While there are several advantages of posting content and being a guest blogger when choosing to use this technique you should prepare your journey carefully. All great things come with major challenges.

Let's go over the guest blogging dos and don'ts


• Submit 100% original material

• Write longer than 800-1000 words

• Offer realistic, useful tips

• Provide helpful photos to illustrate the things you list

• Backup your points with analysis and real-life evidence

• Online reference support link and other useful guides

• Make sure you don't have spelling or grammar errors

• Format your article, so it's simple to read


• Write for Search Engine only

• Include affiliate link in your article

• Include pictures of stocks that do not add any value to your writings

• Advertise yourself or your product or website

• Do not have details in plain text format. Split them into individual paragraphs with catchy subheadings, bulleted points (or lists).

• Provide links focused on keywords in your bio (only brand names allowed)

If you want to share your thoughts on the book you've read recently, the story that has touched you, or something else about Pakistan then we invite you to write and submit us at https:/flamingtruth.com. Articles should be written in a narrative and personal style, and yet filled with full of information.

What will Flamingtruth Do for You?

Developing sound content is a two-way process:

• Our editorial team will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your submission/proposal to ensure that it is original, well-written, and offer our readers valuation.

• If the article or plan you have submitted follows our editorial criteria, you will get a reply within 7 days.